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I’m sending this from sunny Ireland! Ha, jk it’s actually raining at this very moment. But still a lovely place! Trello Tip Need get your Trello board…
And get reminders
Hey all! Sorry for the quiet… I was out with covid last week! Thankfully I’m feeling much better now and back on my normal Trello shenanigans. I had to…
And do everything, everywhere, all at once
Hey all! I’m feeling under the weather today … hoping I didn’t get covid from the conference I was just at 😭 But in any case, I’m not up for a Trello…
I'll cover them in a livestream AMA on Monday!
Today’s my best friend’s birthday, so I’ll be celebrating that the best way I know how… talking about Trello of course! :) How I Trello is a…
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